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About Us – Ideal Associate

About us

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IDEAL Associates is A SEBI Registered Research Analyst company ( SEBI Reg No : INH200004408 ) started in the Year 2015 , Founded By Mr,. Prabhu Kumarasmy as a Partnership firm company registered as Research Analyst in the Year 2016 and Providing Financial Advisory Services Since then company Specialises in Long term Portfolio Designing Goal Based Portfolio designing , Risk Management Consultation and Portfolio Consultation , Portfolio Building ., Mr., Prabhu Kumarasamy has got a Degree in Bachelor of commerce with computer applications in 2004 , Since he has been working various Financial Services industries with banking , insurance and with Stock Brokers , he has a total carrier of 18 years into finance with 10 years in Employment and 8 Years in Entrepreneurship.  

Personalised Financial Planning
Constant research and Risk Management

Tracking Macro Economic and Emerging Business Trends Closely

Early Identification of Successful Business Model for Investing

Long Term Focus with Consistent Compounding

Our vision


The Capitalistic Era of our Country began in 1991 liberalising the Country's Economy ., Which also Opened the door for new innovations & Wealth Making through investments in stocks  ., We Believe The Economic Prosperity of the Country lies ahead in the Future and we want include Every Possible person to participate by Making them wealthy 
" Stock Market is the biggest wealth Maker of All Times"
“Our vision is to create a better Financial Wealth for many people, By guiding the client's investments in the volatile market situations with our Financial expertise and ” To work with vigour, dedication and innovation to achieve excellence in service, quality, reliability, safety and customer care as the ultimate goal by managing the Risk. The objective is to  continue delivering value by ensuring customer’s Financial success. This will be achieved by adhering to the highest standards of business conduct



To a financial advisor investing is a Combination of mathematics and wisdom . It requires an investment Strategy supported by vast Financial Knowledge and a keen sense of judgment towards Financial Opportunities . As a financial advisor, we believe that Growth investing helps capture emerging trends within the investment universe.
Growth investing with Risk Management delivers on long-term returns by simultaneously protecting and nurturing investments. Our Portfolio investment Advisory is Built With Risk Management Strategy which limits the downside and makes the most of the upside. An investment plan may take time to Show the Growth & Progress into Reality as a financial advisor the best way to approach this is to stick to the investment strategy with Proper risk Management
We view our mission in reliable-efficient responsible delivery of financial research, Planning & Guidance to our consumers and help them create wealth out of their savings.


We help our clients to put away the Greed and how wealth can be realistically attained by Following the Financial principles and it need to done periodically for years and make the Financial independence possible  ., we help our clients to access and determine the Right  investment for his risk appetite and guide the clients through the process of compounding to make wealth 

we help the client to access the risk int heir investments and be a part of their Financial growth through enhanced investment planning and Guidance


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