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Ideal Associate

Every Financial Decision Either Make your Rich Or Broke.,

With Proper Financial Guidance Money can be turned into wealth which Not only provides Financial wealth for oneself But for Generations to come

About Us

IDEAL Associates is a Financial services company started By Mr., Prabhu Kumarasamy in 2016 , engaged in Advisory services and Risk Management ., Mr., Prabhu Kumarasamy Himself acts as Prime Analyst and Risk Manager of the company and has separate teams for Risk Management and Research ., Mr Prabhu Kumarsamy is a  Commerce Graduate and has 18 years Experience in Various financial sectors ., Almost 11 years Experience from Employment in Insurance , Banking and Stock Broking services and He started his own Company in 2016 after the SEBI Registration as Research Analyst ( ( SEBI Reg No : INH200004408 ) and servicing ever since with satisfied customer service 

Currently servicing 150 Satisfied investment Advisory Clients with Portfolio of 18 Crores and Serving 250 Clients Every year under Risk management Consultation services, company provides personalised services believing in Quality and wisdom , Explains the Financial wisdom, we Explore the Means of Financial Opportunity from investments in the Growing Economy and we Guide our clients accordingly so

“Money Moves From those who Dont Manage it to Those who Manage”

our Services

We our services will be Focusing on Finding the Companies That are Compounded wealth Makers in mere future ., 

We Operate on customised basis of Each clients Requirements & Time frame and Choose the investments based on the time frame returns calculating the risk appetite .,

Systematic investment plans for Investment Advisory Portfolio is also a service handled by our company IDEAL Associates. Systematic Investment plans are Monthly investments to create 

We also Focus on Customers who want to save for the Future By making consistent Monthly investments ..,We also Focus on Customers who want to save for the Future By making consistent Monthly investments ..,We also Focus on Customers 

“instead of running behind price raising companies and waiting with expectations or disappointments.,  having a financial plan and investing according to financial goal , Gives better chances of achieving the goal” 

what our custoMers says about us



சந்தையில் – நீண்ட கால முதலீட்டில் பொறுமை எவ்வளவு முக்கியம் :-

2020/ 2021 வந்த லாபம் தான் இன்னும் இருக்கிறது 2022/2023 மார்ச் வரை பெரிய பங்குகளில் பெரிய லாபம் இல்லை என பல பேர்க்கு பெரிய மனக்குறை பங்கு சந்தையில் ஒரு பெரிய ஏற்றத்திற்கு

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நிஃப்டி உயர்வும் , பங்குகளின் தேக்க நிலையும் ..

அக்டோபர் முதல் நிஃப்டி 13% எழுச்சி பெற்றுள்ளது , முக்கியமாக வங்கி மற்றும் பைனான்ஸ் துறையில் இரண்டாம் காலாண்டில் அதிக லாபம் ஈட்டியதால் பொதுத்துறை வங்கி பங்குகள் அதிக விலை ஏறியுள்ளது. அது மட்டுமில்லாமல் இந்த வருமானம்

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why we want to be with us ?

We in IDEAL Associates help the clients to achieve his life goals like Financial Planning for House construction , Corpus Building , Child Education corpus etc .. A few years of Planned investment may avoid housing debt for decades .. for planning those thing one need a financial expertise


we Help us plan a person or Family Financial independence can be achieved through investment planning ., when the markets are getting Harders our Financial expertise will Guide you to Achieve your Financial Goals 


Why to Invest in the Stock Market ??

The concept of individual wealth Drives the Human spirit , PAst few centuries wealth has been in Land & Gold During from Agricultural times to Indutrialisation , One should Know that we are in the Beginning of Capitalisatic Era, Stock Market is the Greatest Wealth making tool of the Upcoming Centuries From Start up too new innovations to all New technologies
will Funded by Investments for stock market ..
It will be the perfect opportunity Opportunity to begin Investing to achieve your Financial Freedom and Begin the Journey of Financial Wealth and we with our professional Financial Experience we Guide you to Invest in Opportunities and Avoid the Financial Traps which in turn will make wealth

Why to Invest through Investment Advisors ?? Why Not Mutual Funds ??

Yes Fund Houses are Big Organisations who work with Collective Funds and Various Client Invest in the Fund Various Purposes, There is no Specific Goal or Purpose to the fund but only to Earn Profit ..Those Funds Does Not have Individual Interest in MInds , But Investment Advisor designs the Portfolio the best Suits the Individual Clients Requirements

Fund Houses Maintain Huge Funds , and indian Regulator won’t allow individual Fund Houses to own above 10% of the company , So even they Find a Good small Company which is small now .. they won’t invest in it

Mutual Fund Main Objective will Riskless Growth , they will only successful Big companies where the Risk will be relatively less ., instead of Focusing on Growth Companies, wherewealth Creation is Much Higher       

Even Actively Managed Mutual Funds surpass the Index Growth by marginal Percentages ., But a Goal Based Investment Portfolio can beat the Market Returns , As Fund Houses Doesnt Know the Client goal , Here Investment Adviosr has the perfect Data from the client about his needs and times and can Design Portfolio to match the client requirements

How Do you Make Financial Planning for the client ??

There are many Factors involved while making a Financial Planning for a client like the Client age , Profession , his Financial Goal , Time Horizon investment pattern etc understand the client requirements and plan the CAGR required to Achieve the Financial Goal and work out a Portfolio which suits the client’s risk Appetite / Goal and Age .. Combining Equity and Debt Investments

Is IDEAL Associates SEBI Registered ??

Yes IDEAL Associates is A SEBI Registered Research Analyst Company since 2016 SEBI Registration Number :- SEBI Reg No : INH200004408

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